Built in 1745 in the heart of Saddleworth lies the 'Cross Keys Inn'. It is situated on the old Marsden Packhorse route and first opened as a Tavern in 1753. (Some believe that Jim was actually first at the bar on opening night!)

The Inn is host to one of the longest running Folk Clubs in the North West of England and is hosted by Jim Schofield. We meet every Wednesday evening in the much acclaimed "Buckley's Kitchen", a small intimate room with a stone flagged floor and a big, ancient cooking range. The club is regularly visited by artists from home and abroad who never fail to entertain. Why not come along for an evening of good music and entertainment, we are quite sure you will not be dissapointed. 

In 1994 Jim Schofield  took over the running of the Cross Keys Folk Club. The following year the Cross Keys Inn celebrated its 250th anniversary and a marathon singers' day was held, the object being to sing 250 different songs in twelve hours. This was a great success and was repeated in subsequent years adding one more song for each additional year. Sadly this is no longer done but maybe just maybe we may resurect this very popular event which brought Artists from far and wide to take part.

In June 2002 the Cross Keys Folk Club in Uppermill near Oldham had run continuously for 30 years. This makes it one of the longest running folk clubs in the UK! To celebrate, a special event was held at Dobcross Band Club on 7th June 2002. 


1998 saw Doug Bramwell take over the Cross Keys. He had the barn refurbished, installed a stove so that the barn could be used at any time of the year, and relocated the bar. The folk club moved permanently into "The Barn" in March 1999. Doug's term of office finished in June 2006.

In 1979 'Tickawinda' were the resident group at the 'Rose and crown' a folk club in Stalybridge hosted by Dennis "Tickawinda" had an extensive and varied repertoire and were well qualified to pull in a crowd and keep them entertained. "Tickawinda" were Jim Schofield, Alison Tulloch, Kath Richmond and Dave Birchwood. They combined traditonal material that they made there own, with songs written by the best contemporary singers around. Click on the photographs opposite to visit the 'Tickawinda' website, there you will find you can sample some favourites such as 'John Barleycorn', 'Old Pendle' and 'Rosemary Lane'  These and others are all available on CD  Originally issued on vinyl

A regular floor singer at the Rose & Crown, whose aim was to be a professional musician, was a young Clive Gregson who was flattered when asked to help out when "Tickawinda" were recording an album! 

This was Clive's first experience in a recording studio. Within weeks he was making a debut single of his own... and the rest they say is history....!